These Racks are designed and built to protect vibrations and securely hold components with any weight. That is why it is a rigid full steel construction with a significant mass, which reduces the main resonance frequency.
X&Y can be used without component shelves, installation of devices is carried out on Slider Harmonizers, base footers or spikes.

Vibration absorption is based on the conversion of kinetic energy due to the movement of particles and friction between them (Particle Damping Technology). The damping of vibrations is most similar to the behavior of a stone thrown into the sand. When sand particles immediately absorb and dissipate kinetic energy. All parts of the rack are filled with polymer granules. The synergy of steel frame, filler and the optimal filling of the elements expand the frequency spectrum of absorbed micro-vibrations.

The design of the X&Y Racks allows you to order the product with individual dimensions of the base and columns. In the future you can easily change the layout.

Materials: structural steel, precision-machined stainless steel, polymer granules (filler)
Application: CD transport and DAC, music server, turntable, amplifier, any audio devices
Base dimensions: W = 520mm, D = 523mm or at the customer's choice
Distance between levels: 200mm, 280mm, 350mm or customer's choice
Column diameter: 48.3mm
Versions: 1 level, 2 levels, 3 levels, 4 levels
Maximum load: Y - 120 kg/level, X - 160 kg/level
Color: black matte, white matte, or as customer's choice

Features: full steel rigid construction, acoustically transparent design, the ability to use devices with significant weight, the option of ordering a rack with individual dimensions of the base and columns, easy change of the layout of the rack during operation, handmade

Complete set: together with the steel frame are delivered - stainless steel caps, stainless steel spikes and discs; base footers for each level; filling from a polymer granules into columns
X&Y Racks
Varnenska 27b
Odessa, Ukraine